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This was at its height in the last part of the first millennium AD, but much of its detail was not recorded, at least not in any form that has survived for modern scholars. 'Ghana' simply means 'king', but this has come to be the term by which this nation is generally referred.

A third state - Kwaaman - was the product of continued conflict between the others.

They began clearing areas of the forest so that they could cultivate food crops, allowing their numbers to increase.

Farming prospered, producing wealth in food, and some of the Akan communities in time coalesced into small states and minor kingdoms.

They may not have any initial attraction to each other, but they can always hang out and reminisce about their similar failed romances, and somewhere along the way, they might just find mutual love with each other like their former partners have.

While it's nice to see Charlie and Doris get a happy ending of their own, this device can very easily reek of red string puppetry and make viewers suspect that the creator just paired them off to permanently get them out of the main couple's way.

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