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At this point, there is no need for thinking ahead, commitments or exclusive promises. It’s a time of testing interactions, communication and attraction between two people.

It paralyzes you from making a choice, and it keeps you stagnant in mediocrity rather than moving forward toward fulfillment.Once you have entered this stage of a relationship, your expectations are naturally heightened. Time should always eliminate “maybes,” and if it hasn’t, then the “maybe” is actually a no.If you are the one longing for casual, you need to ask yourself why. For some, the baggage of their past brings fears of future, commitment and permanency.We’re not rich, we’re not “hot”, and we came into this thing with minimal experience hooking up with women.But we learned something along the way – everything we thought about what women are looking for in a casual dating relationship was completely wrong. We learned more and more about women and what they’re looking for in a sexual partner.

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We don’t give away cookie-cutter, useless advice on how to meet and sleep with hot women.

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