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"While it doesn’t sound like the most traditional day, the staff that are on do their best to make it feel festive."On the helipad they will do a secret Santa and everyone brings in food – we only have a microwave but we do cheeseboards and mince pies.

The mother of one says: "I start at 8am on Christmas Day and finish at 3pm and while I know to a certain extent what I’ll be dealing with, there are always new referrals and relapses.We’ve included a list of some of the Divas’ fave dates .We like the idea of having them “prepped” and in a baggie or manila envelope, but you can also PIN these ideas and use it as your go-to date night resource. I am so excited to try out all of these dates—and how easy it is to toss a deck of cards in the bag and be ready to go?!If that happens, they call us and we go in to arrange an assessment."My daughter Freya is two so she’ll have opened her presents before I have to leave for work.

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