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From the second part of the 14th century, they were subjects of the Polish kings, and magnates.

The Jewish population of Halychyna and Bukovyna, part of Austria-Hungary, was extremely large; it made up 5% of the global Jewish population.

In the Ukrainian People's Republic, Yiddish was a state language along with Ukrainian and Russian.

At that time there was created the Jewish National Union and the community was granted an autonomous status.

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In the westernmost area of Ukraine, Jews were mentioned for the first time in 1030.Total civilian losses during WW II and German occupation in Ukraine are estimated at seven million, including over a million Jews shot and killed by the Einsatzgruppen and by their many local Ukrainian supporters in the western part of Ukraine.Ukraine had 840,000 Jews in 1959, a decrease of almost 70% from 1941 (within Ukraine's current borders).The Jewish community in the territory of Ukraine-proper during the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth became one of the largest and most important ethnic minority groups in Ukraine.The Ukrainian Cossack Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky led a Cossack uprising, known as Khmelnytsky Uprising (1648–1657), under the premise that the Poles had sold them as slaves "into the hands of the accursed Jews." At that time it is estimated that the Jewish population in Ukraine numbered 51,325.

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Ukraine's Jewish population declined significantly during the Cold War.

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