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Sickness or death was believed to result if one's shadow spirit were molested or captured by a shaman. Oosterhout, the Netherlands: Anthropological Publications. My great grandmother was a full blood aboriginal The Gamiliroi tribe is nearly EXTINCT and is dieing out who knows we could be close to the only few hundred left.

Some individuals also had the aid of a spirit helper. Perhaps it would be more appropriate if this article was written in the present tense, as although Kamilaroi people are not many in number, many are very active within Aboriginal communities and it could be seen as offensive that here they are spoken about as "dying out".

Although athropologically speaking numbers are reducing, there are still many people who identify with this culture.

But that is just my opinion :) very interesting article, thank you.

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The Kamilaroi were an Aboriginal group located in New South Wales, Australia, along the Barwon, Bundarra, Balonne, and upper Hunter rivers and in the Liverpool plains.

They are followed by their government issued bodyguards: first Brock Samson, an ex-black ops agent (described by arch-enemy the Monarch as a "Swedish murder machine") and then Sergeant Hatred, a former super-villain/recovering pedophile who was drafted by the military to replace Brock when he quit the job.

At the most general level of social organization, the Kamilaroi were organized into exogamous matrimoities.

Both moities were divided into four marriage classes. Exogamy was the rule for each kin group, from the lineage through the moiety.

Also present within the moities were various sibs and lineages, each represented by several totems and subtotems. Paternal half-sister marriage was reportedly the preferred form among the Euahlayi.

The primary Economic units were the bands, which were composed of several households.

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