Most intimidating intro song

There's people out there that haven't played World of Warcraft!

And so every time we roll out an expansion, every time we roll out a patch, we try to fine-tune it, make it a little bit easier for new folks coming in.

So we can essentially build our areas in such a way that it's almost level independent, right?

It's a way for you, if you're new to the game but you wanna play with a friend but they're already at max level, you can upgrade immediately and level together. Effectively what that does is, if you decide to boost, we are gonna run you through a scenario that teaches you about your class.But we do wanna prepare you so you aren't just completely unaware on what you need to do.I'd actually stepped away for a while before Legion.But while that tutorial was helpful, I felt like I still had to go online to read up on the best rotations, that I needed some outside help to get a real feel for the best build for my class.Will there be more of that kind of explanation in-game?

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