Php check if minecraft server is online dating

So if you have 2 seconds there it will try and connect for 2 seconds before returning any information.Not a big deal but if you increase the time then people may not wait for you page to load because it is just taking to long for it to fail and say there server is offline. For more information on the fsockopen function go here.When a user clicks on a link, I want to ping each server until it finds one that is online and redirect the browser to the appropriate URI.If none of the servers are online, it should display an error.If anyone has any questions or would like information about any other subject involving PHP, Java Script, Jquery, or CSS please leave a comment and I’ll write a post about it.I have a website and would like to display a list of players online in my server.

A Sub-Trope of Literal Genie, putting it in the scientific category as opposed to Be Careful What You Wish For, which is when what the character wanted falls in their lap through coincidence or magic rather than their own planning and hard work. Didn't Think This Through often follows the realization of this trope. A form of invisibility that the creators now can't find because it's invisible could be considered Useless Useful Stealth.

Either it turns out to be too intense, too powerful, or they didn't fully consider the consequences of what they wanted to do.

Or maybe they just made an awesome stealth device..they can't find because they can't see it.

Just one note the last parameter to be passed to the fsockopen function is the connection time out this is the length of time that the fsockopen function will try and connect to the socket over the given ip.

Why this is important is because this holds up the server from returning any information to the page.

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