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I wish we had gotten to see more of it in the movie.The kitchen looks exactly the way I’d imagine hers to be, pink cupcakes and all.

(The song is full of sexual double entendres.) Later she sings, “I’m like a cat in heat.” Other lines celebrate S&M and dildos.

Let’s take a closer look at the apartment that newlyweds Carrie and Big are living in now.“A lot of fancy apartments that you see in movies tend to get a little bit large because it’s easier to shoot in, and it’s an instant read to the general public that it’s a nice apartment,” Marks says.“But we felt really strongly that we could make an apartment on a scale that was realistic to the real New York and still have it be elegant and high-end and I think we did that.”Because Carrie kept her old apartment, everything in the one she shares with her husband is new and was chosen so that it reflects them both.

It’s much more masculine and “grown-up” than the place she lived in as a single girl.

After all the rumors about a possible third “Sat C” movie in the works, it sounds like it won’t be happening after all.

Which is a shame because I’d love to see where Carrie and her friends would be living — and what they’d be wearing — today!

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In the first half of the movie, when the characters are in New York, the colors are muted, in stark contrast to the sets and costumes when they’re vacationing in Abu Dhabi.

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