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The study looked at how people attending adult education classes grew closer over seven months. Using music and singing in health care can improve quality of life for older people by easing pain, anxiety and depression.

A literature review of articles related to anxiety and the use of music as ...

The research project followed the group for six months and undertook interviews and focus groups with participants, organisers, and workshop leaders.

And that the combination of singing and socialising was an essential part of recovery because it promoted an ongoing feeling of belonging and wellbeing.

Lead researcher Prof Tom Shakespeare from UEA's Norwich Medical School and his researcher Dr Alice Whieldon worked in collaboration with the Sing Your Heart Out (SYHO) project, based in Norfolk.

The grassroots initiative runs weekly singing workshops, aimed at people with mental health conditions as well as the general public.

It originally began at Hellesdon psychiatric hospital in 2005, but afterwards moved into the community.

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