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Others crammed themselves into the narrow city streets, or even passed the chilly nights in tents outside the city walls.The first visitors began to appear over a week in advance, ready to take part in purification rituals, to prepare themselves spiritually, or simply to spend time in the capital.I purchased a used 2013 Tundra online from Hatch Toyota.

Eventually they arrived at the Temple; many Jews lost their lives, the treasury was plundered, and parts of the outer porticoes were burned.

Typical of the times, he would have presided over affairs through face-to-face diplomacy, temporary liaisons, and by summoning meetings of relevant aristocrats.

In the tense Passover season, the High Priest, just as much as the Roman prefect, wanted to see peace in Jerusalem.

Riots in Jerusalem were, of course, the very last thing that the Roman prefect of Judaea wanted.

The small province had only been under direct Roman control for twenty years, and the prefect’s primary responsibility was to maintain law and order.

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Not surprisingly, he took extra security precautions at Passover, leaving his Headquarters in Caesarea-on-Sea with a detachment of troops to bolster the city’s meagre garrison.

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