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We met in the Royal Ballet rehearsal rooms in Barons Court, west London, where Ms Bussell first came at 16. You leave school thinking, good, I've escaped, then you come dancing round the studios as a company member and you think, Oh no, I'm back at school.

Now she's 29, and has been a principal dancer at the Royal for 10 years, but the ballet still rehearses here. It's not nice." Ms Bussell is, in case you've just joined us, the undoubted star of the Royal Ballet.

She's in terrible danger, I'd say, of becoming some kind of cultural ambassador for Britain. But I think if you cut yourself off from the rest of the company, you're missing out majorly".

Her conversation is mostly that of a fragrant, acrobatic diplomat. "I don't know." Didn't she think she perhaps inherited... When she's doing Swan Lake, she's always Sylvie Guillem on stage." Do you like her as a girlfriend? A slightly more direct line of attack can be found in Ms Bussell's book, where she explains the delight she took in manhandling the aloof Ms Guillem in La Bayadere. I did a lot at my stage school, but I was told it was terribly bad for classical ballet because it makes your ankles really loose." So she was talked out of it.

Darcey Bussell has said the “buzz” of Strictly Come Dancing inspires people to dance — from the judging panel to the viewers, and even the presenters.

But she suggested new co-host Claudia Winkleman might want to ditch her high heels before taking to the floor, adding: “I don’t know how she even walks [in them].” The Strictly judge and former ballerina said she wanted to get dancefloors “full again”. It’s part of my life, it’s my passion.” Following Sir Bruce Forsyth’s departure from the BBC show, Winkleman takes over as a presenter for the next series, which starts in the autumn, joining Tess Daly.

The book's publication, combined with an hour-long Omnibus film devoted to Ms Bussell, suggest an artist with a lifetime of distinction, a major retrospective or a Collected Works behind them, rather than a leggy girl not yet 30, with a sweet laugh and a 10-year career.

She's a popular guest star with national companies abroad.

The Americans (especially the New York City Ballet) love her,so do the Greeks, the Japanese go mad for her ("They're totally hooked on classical ballet.

Bussell and Guillem aren't exactly rivals, though they're forever being talked about as versions of each other. She does a lot of work for the Paris Opera, a lot in Japan and so on. She would, you feel, do well in any parts for which Winona Ryder was not available. And, yes, I would love to see her toes, her feet and any other bits I can lay eyes on. "Oh yes, all dancers go through some problems when their feet aren't strong enough to take the weight." Isn't that rather a massive carbuncle... "..my toes are all straight, while some of the girls' feet..." Ms Bussell, I said, Don't do this.

So what did "the English Guillem" think of "the French Bussell"? She allocates herself a certain number of shows for us, but only really comes in at the last minute.

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