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Though she finds them, she finds Freya tied to deadly explosives and is forced to sacrifice one of her loved ones to save the other.

In the end, Victor sacrifices himself, breaking Joanna's heart.

Meanwhile, Ingrid confesses to Dash that she is a witch and he is a warlock after witnessing him kill a man and chooses to help him hide the secret.

At the end of the series, she finds out she is pregnant though unsure who the father was: Dash or the Mandragora.

When evil shape shifter Penelope Gardiner (Virginia Madsen) reanimates the corpse of Ingrid from 1906, she sends past Ingrid after Wendy and kills her.

Although Wendy was eventually revived, Joanna notices that her necklace has turned red, which means she is now on her ninth and final life.

Her long-lost son, Frederick, appears on her doorstep and cures her, effectively winning back her trust and love.

Amick said that during the first week filming Witches of East East, she noticed that Wendy is quite similar to the character Serena from Bewitched, and thinks that Serena "is an inspiration for Wendy".

Ingrid finds the family's grimoire to look for a spell to save Freya (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) who is trapped inside a painting, and a resurrection spell to revive Wendy (Mädchen Amick) who was killed by the evil shape shifter Penelope Gardiner (Virginia Madsen).

She introduces Frederick to her daughters and is happy to once again have her family back together, though Wendy is very distrustful of Frederick.

Joanna later finds out that Freya and Victor have been kidnapped by two evil witches and goes to find them.

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